Attendants to the constituent Assembly
Attendants to the constituent Assembly
Attendants to the constituent Assembly.

As collected in articles 3 and 4 of the statutes of the Federation, adopted at the founding Assembly of November the 29th, 2014, the purposes of the Federation of Astronomical Associations in Spain are:

  1. Join the astronomical associations of Spain to facilitate the relationship between them and with other agencies and entities.
  2. Foster the relationship between amateur astronomical associations and professional astronomy and astrophysics agencies.
  3. Disseminate and defend the scientific culture, in particular astronomy and related sciences.
  4. Promote the defense of natural darkness of the night and in particular, the night sky as a right to preserve for future generations and astronomical and tourist resource as well.
  5. Contribute to the continuity of the astronomical meetings of national extent.

And for the attainment of these goals, the following activities may be performed:

  1. Coordination and publication of activities of the associations in the Federation.
  2. Co-operation with amateur and professional organizations public or private, national and international.
  3. Promotion of public activities, production of materials and organization of resources for the promotion of scientific culture, astronomy and related sciences.
  4. Development of tools for the operation of internal and external training activities.
  5. Organization and management of congresses, conferences, courses on astronomy and related sciences.
  6. Promote and implement dissemination and astronomical research projects, especially those related to the defense of the darkness of the night and the night sky.