Última actualización: 26 Junio 2024

The Journal of Computational Astronomy & Astronomical Computing is a journal devoted to astronomy-oriented computing, focused on the development of algorithms, codes, and astronomical software in general. Likewise, contributions are accepted on applications of new or already existing software that generate results of interest, the use of free and commercial software, and on hardware developments with astronomical applications that are associated with software development.

The journal provides a platform for dissemination of knowledge to amateur astronomers, but it may also be attractive to professional astronomers who wish to disseminate their studies among the amateur community. It aims to have an international scope, so it accepts contributions in Spanish, English, and French.

If you wish to submit a contribution to JCAAC, please consult the instructions.

Current issue: October 2024

For earlier issues please refer to the archive.

Journal CA&AC

The Journal of Computational Astronomy & Astronomical Computing is an effort by the FAAE - Grupo de Cálculo Astronómico (GCA) to encourage the use of software tools and the development of codes and algorithms for astronomical applications within the framework of amateur astronomy, as well as to connect the amateur community with the professional astronomy community and promote cross-collaboration and ProAm projects between both groups.